Why choose omnimedica for your clinic?

We know how precious doctors’ time is. That’s why we created the omnimedica solution especially for them.

You get complete data in one platform, which can be aggregated into reports for management, as well as ‘multi-location’ and ‘multi-company’ working modes.

Our care management functionality ensures that patients receive tailored attention. It empowers healthcare teams to create personalized care plans, improving the quality of care while reducing the burden on medical professionals. The result is a healthcare experience that revolves around the individual’s needs and preferences.



Appointment status

Immediate updates and notifications

With omnimedica, the medical professional will never have to worry about a keeping track of their calendar, managers can view appointments in multiple ways, by day basis or by medical practitioner, and can keep track of patients’ sources and evaluate related marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, the platform has a customised patient appointment tracking functionality that automatically sends notifications about the upcoming visits, in addition to the classic integrations with call-centre and SMS services.

Integration with national health insurance companies does not require additional user actions at reception desk. The signature and validation process is automatic. Patient payments and settlements are made very easily, giving full cash-flow control on a patient level.

Documents and standard forms

All types of documents, available on the platform

 From new screens to printed and customised documents, all types of forms and documents are automatically installed during the implementation period directly through the platform configuration.

Follow-up  and waiting room systems, image capture from medical devices and integration with other healthcare providers are just a few examples. With omnimedica you say goodbye to the wasted time spent while entering data manually, thanks to the app predefined templates and intelligent capabilities to fill in the fields which are most relevant for the medical doctor.  

Stock management

Always updated and streamlined

With omnimedica, stock management of drugs and medical supplies becomes easy. For pharmacies, the solution allows you to track activity directly from the platform, to automate closed-loop workflows, and issue an extensive set of financial-accounting and business management reports.


Continuous development

For a constantly changing industry

New functionalities are constantly being added to the platform in order to increase the quality of medical care, optimise the use of resources in the clinic and streamline the work processes. With omnimedica you become more efficient and competitive.


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