Patientportal by htss

online consultations and fast access to quality medical services

You are always close to your patients

With the htss patient portal platform, you eliminate distances, provide consultations directly from the platform and have access to patient information from anywhere, anytime. Patients save time and enjoy fast high-quality healthcare services.

You’re committed to prevention

Always be there for your patients’ health! Doctors have access to consultation histories, chat discussions, patient submitted files, and recommendations or prescribed treatment.

With the patient portal platform, doctors don’t waste time searching for patient information because they have everything organised in one place, easily accessible from any device, for a close monitoring of patient progress.

You have happy and satisfied patients

Patients benefit from continuous support from the selected doctor through communication options (chat, video-audio consultations).

Access to quality medical services is immediate and direct, medical history is constantly updated and data security is guaranteed. Save time and increase revenues

You increase the number of appointments, relieve the reception and increase the income. Manage doctors’ work quickly and increase revenue. The platform can be accessed directly from any device (laptop, desktop or mobile) connected to the internet, without the need for further installation.

Your clinic is more efficient thanks to the real feedback and updates you receive from your patients, directly in the platform, at the end of the video-audio or chat session.

Suitable for:

Why choose the online consultation platform, as your telemedicine solution

Accessibility from any device (desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile)

Efficient management of patients and medical services

Real-time notifications

Medical history at a click away

Time saving

Flexible management of online and offline appointments

Online registration of vital parameters for chronic patients