Why choose omnimedica for your laboratory?

Our lab functionality goes beyond traditional procedures. It enables healthcare providers to streamline diagnostic processes, reduce waiting times, and enhance the accuracy of results. Patients benefit from quicker access to vital information about their health, allowing them to make informed decisions.


HistoPath benefits

Histopath Laboratory

Specialized pathology laboratory providing accurate histopathological analysis for precise diagnosis and treatment planning. 

The HistoPath module covers all the IT processes involved in working in the pathology laboratory, from creating a request for analysis to issuing the result. 

 The screens are structured by areas of interest and the module automatically records all operations at the level of a request, in accordance with RENAR requirements.

Medical Laboratory

Comprehensive medical laboratory offering a wide range of diagnostic tests and analyses to support patient care and management. 


Each sample analyzed offers the ability to populate predefined fields with text formatting options. If the existing templates are not sufficient, in the omnimedica app you can easily configure custom templates according to your lab’s needs. 


Plus, simplify your workflow with: 

– Automation of analysis requests and receipt of results 

– Seamless connection with lab equipment 

– Worklists generated directly from application screens based on filters 

– Work charts for analysis classes and more 

– Ability to save filters from lists as reports for future use 

Radiology and Medical Imaging Laboratory

Advanced radiology and medical imaging laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art technology for accurate and detailed diagnostic imaging services. 

The dedicated Radiology and Medical Imaging module harnesses the power of advanced technology to provide unparalleled diagnostic services with precision and detail. Here’s what sets us apart: 

Efficient workflow management: We streamline the process of managing radiology investigation requests and associated costs, ensuring a seamless experience for both patients and healthcare professionals. 

Standardized Reporting: Our system generates unique and standardized test reports, increasing the clarity and consistency of documentation while saving valuable time for healthcare professionals. 

Integrated solutions: Through integration capabilities with other solutions and devices using the HL7 standard, we ensure seamless interoperability, facilitating comprehensive patient care and data management. 

Universal DICOM access: With DICOM file views accessible on all networked computers within inpatient and outpatient modules, healthcare providers can conveniently access and analyze imaging data, promoting informed decision-making and effective collaboration

Time saving and accessibility

Print documents instantly

Medical reports can be printed immediately after being filtered on criteria such as status, cancelled, archived or validated requests. Each document which has been worked on, has quick acess buttons for “print” and for actions such as edit, cancel, delete or reactivate.

From the microscope straight into the test report


Doctors can highlight areas of interest by drawing directly on the captured images, which will be saved as copies of the original. After highlighting, users can choose to include the image in the final analysis report or keep it in the database without printing.


Precision and integrated communication

Between the surgeons and the lab

In the HistoPath application, surgeons can initiate requests for anatomopathological investigations accompanied by images of the harvest sites, and the laboratory physicians analyse and guide the surgeons by marking the necessary resection sites on the image. With omnimedica app, you increase accuracy and precision during any type of surgery.


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