Why choose omnimedica – HistoPath module for your lab?

Our lab functionality goes beyond traditional procedures. It enables healthcare providers to streamline diagnostic processes, reduce waiting times, and enhance the accuracy of results. Patients benefit from quicker access to vital information about their health, allowing them to make informed decisions.


HistoPath benefits

Automated processes from A to Z

Integrations with partners and third parties

The HistoPath module covers all IT processes related to pathology laboratory workflows, from the generation of a request to the release of the result.

Screens are structured by areas of interest and the module automatically records all operations of a request in accordance with RENAR requirements.

Easy and intuitive operations

Pre-filled forms and sample management

Adding and registering incoming samples is very easy by simply entering a minimum set of mandatory data.

HistoPath also provides extensive sets of relevant options such as diagnostic, anatomical areas classifications and more. Each sample can also be cross-referenced while clinicians can assign tasks to assistants, which can be viewed on a specific screen. This is also where specialists keep track of the work progress.

Once validated, samples will activate the “Histopathology Report” area where medical information and results can be uploaded.

Predefined areas and templates

Fast filling of test reports

Each analysed sample offers the possibility to enter pre-defined fields with text formatting options.

If existing templates are not enough, in the omnimedica HistoPath app you can easily configure templates tailored to your needs.

Time saving and accessibility

Print documents instantly

Medical reports can be printed immediately after being filtered on criteria such as status, cancelled, archived or validated requests. Each document which has been worked on, has quick acess buttons for “print” and for actions such as edit, cancel, delete or reactivate.

From the microscope straight into the test report


Doctors can highlight areas of interest by drawing directly on the captured images, which will be saved as copies of the original. After highlighting, users can choose to include the image in the final analysis report or keep it in the database without printing.


Precision and integrated communication

Between the surgeons and the lab

In the HistoPath application, surgeons can initiate requests for anatomopathological investigations accompanied by images of the harvest sites, and the laboratory physicians analyse and guide the surgeons by marking the necessary resection sites on the image. With omnimedica app, you increase accuracy and precision during any type of surgery.


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